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Among the top MOBA shooter multiplayer games, we prefer Mobile Legends Bang Bang. There are several reasons which make this game popular and famous. Though there is limited items and resources access to new users. But there is an alternate way to get them from Moonton using an Injector. Today, here we come up with another amazing ML Tool called “Zong Tools GFX OR Zong Tools Injector APK“. Using it a novice player can be a legendary player in a short period of time.

This tool is the latest update of the Zong Patcher APK. It has super abilities to customize MLBB. By using it you can make your character strong and unique by adding new outfits for 2024. The good news regarding this app is that it gives free access to premium stuff, without consuming money from your pocket. The paid stuff includes; Skins, Emotes, Recalls, Maps, Loading screens, Drone Views, and Bug Fixes. If you are a novice or a pro player use this newborn tool, it works according to player level.

What is Zong Tools Patcher APK?

If you know about ML Tools, then obviously you will know about Zong Xotic. Who is a popular Android application developer including Zong Patcher APK? Recently, they introduce its new part 28 and changed the app name to Zong Tools Patcher APK. Moreover, it is better at working than the older version. Furthermore, you can inject your lovely cheat and tricks into the official game. Its main paid stuff is; ML skins for Assassin, Fighter, Support, Tank, Mage, and Marksman. There are also new battle emotes, battle, effects, weird skins, anime skins, and loading screens. These freebies will make your hero stronger than other heroes. After that, you can easily beat your opponents. For more premium items try these injectors; Warlito Patcher APK and Reborn Imoba 2024.

Free cheats in Zong Tools Patcher APK:

ML Skins for Heroes:

  • Support: All new skins of 2024 for Support are; Angela, Estes, Nana, Floryn, Kaja, Diggie, Faramis, and Mathilda.
  • Marksman: A bundle of new skins for Marksman are; Natan, Irithel, Beatrix, Moscov, Popol, Karrie, Granger, Brody, Clint, Kimmy, Claude, Melissa, Miya, Hanabi, Yi Sun-Shin, Layla, Lesley, Wanwan, and Bruno.
  • Mage: Many new skins are available for Mage: Valentina, Zhask, Vexana, Eudora, Kadita, Yve, Pharsa, Gord, Esmeralda, Aurora, Cecillion, Vale, Kagura, Change, Xavier, Cyclops, Lunox, Odette, Valir, Harith, Harley, and Luo Yi.
  • Assassin: There are varieties of free skins for Assassin which are; Aamon, Natalia, Gusion, Helcurt, Selena, Saber, Hanzo, Benedetta, Hayabusa, Ling, Lancelot, Fanny, and Karina.
  • Fighter: 2024 best ml skins for Fighter are; Thamuz, Julian, Lapu Lapu, Martis, Jawhead, Leomord, Yin, Khaleed, Aulus, Freya, Alucard, Guinevere, Roger, Xborg, Chou, Yu Zhong, Paquito, Dyroth, Aldous, Bane, Badang, Argus, Sun, Silvana, Ziong, Alpha, and Balmond.
  • Tank: Many latest skins of 2024 for Tank are; Lolita, Hylos, Barats, Baxia, Ruby, Akai, Minotour, Gatotkaca, Belerick, Uranus, Tigreal, Atlas, Jhonson, Khufra, Grock, and Franco.

Other features in Zong Tools Patcher APK:

  • Loading Screens: These are new loading screens for Mobile Legends; Naruto Uchiha, Tik Tok Viral, Never Mind, Tengen Uzui, Tanjiro, Gyutaro, Demon Slayer, Weathering With You, Hyouka Aesthetic Mood, with a backup option.
  • Anime Skins: Best anime skins are; Superman, Wanda, Demon Slayer Rengoku, One Punch Man Genos, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece Shanks, Smiley & Angry, and 34 more.
  • Weird Skin: Amazing and unique skins are; Wheelchair, Airplane, Snipper Man, Chou Rich Kid, Chopper Bike, F15 Eagle, Rocketman, Among Us, GTA CJ, Blacklist Car, Allien Ship, Yacht, pedicab, Mr Bean, and many more.
  • Battle Effects (Recall & Elimination): Classic Recall, The King of Fighter, Fire Crown, Seal of Anvil Crawlers, Super Return, Summer Gala, Classic Elimination, Elimination of Storm, Darkest Takedown, Elimination of future, Super Kill, and Knockout etc.
  • Battle Emote: Genius, Feel Energetic, Hello, Smile Killer, Fire Master, Art of Ice, LOL, Long Legged, Heart Breaking, Carry Me, Be Happy, and 50 other emotes for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Is it safe to use Zong Tools GFX APK on Android?

While searching ML Tools on the internet, there are thousands that appear on the homepage. Everyone gets confused there to select the best and most well-working tool. Now onwards, you all will now face such a problem. Because this Zong Tools GFX APK is a reliable and safe tool to use on Android. Moreover, on this website, we always post functional and cost-free third parties applications. You can visit this website later for more updates and applications.

In a nutshell, Zong Tools Patcher APK is also an Android APK so its procedure to download and install is the same. Furthermore, this is an Antiban tool, free of Ads, Passwords, and does not demand the user’s account details. What else do you expect from this injector? Download it by clicking the above link and get benefits from this latest injector. You can mention, your demands and concerns in the comment section. Share the post if you like it.


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